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Using index cards to take notes is really easy. You just write a title at the top and then jot down some notes.

And if you make one index card per subject, you can keep your notes organized.

But when your stack of cards grows larger than a few dozen, it becomes difficult to find the notes you're looking for.

If only there was something as simple for taking notes as index cards, but fast, searchable, and with some way to make links between your notes!

Introducing Luminotes...

  1. Format your wiki with this convenient toolbar
  2. Just start typing — everything is saved automatically
  3. Search through your entire wiki
  4. Make as many notebooks as you want
  1. Connect your thoughts with links between notes
  2. Track past revisions and make updates without worry
  3. Download your complete wiki as a web page or spreadsheet
  4. Attach files to your wiki and download them anytime
  1. Share your wiki with friends and colleagues
  2. Send invites simply by entering email addresses
  3. Control how much access each person gets
  4. Revoke access at any time
You can use Luminotes online and collaborate with others, or download Luminotes Desktop and take notes locally on your own computer! has shut down. This page is here for historical purposes.